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JB in kitchen retouched.jpg

Despite a childhood penchant for accordion playing and tap dancing (at the same time!), my career path fortunately took me to the visual, moving and culinary arts.


From award winning documentarian to award winning creative director in advertising to commercial film director and filmmaker (beauty and lifestyle), to web series/content creator, to tabletop directing, my career spans a broad spectrum of disciplines.


I have now arrived at my true passions, photography and filmmaking.

Portraiture combines my skills of directing and lighting. When shooting someone, I look to capture a moment, not just an image of a person.  Something that expresses their character.  And I love dogs.  They are always who they are.  No artifice.  A pure communication of spirit.


My culinary fascination began in college when Middle Eastern and   Asian friends introduced me to mother used only salt,    pepper and paprika! The kitchen became this magical place in       which to explore and find joy. To make food that not only tastes       gorgeous but looks gorgeous. We all know that we eat with            our eyes first and I love creating and setting that to motion.


Beyond shooting, my skill sets include editing, graphics and creative development.

And in case you were wondering, I now ascribe to the old British adage of what defines a lady or a gentleman: someone who can play the accordion . . . but doesn’t!

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